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Mine All Mine

Publication: KissedbyRomance

Born to a charlatan father who conned even his own family with the promise of gold, Wyatt Boudreaux despises liars, privileged folk, and spiteful villagers. Saddled with debt and anger, it’s safe to say Wyatt believes everyone should just go to---.

Hating the constraints and swindles of her privileged family, Elizabeth Waite snuck out into the frosty Colorado air, only to fall into an icy hidden pit. It isn’t so deep to fracture bones, but it is bottomless enough to break any hope of getting out alive.

Luckily a stranger passes by. Unluckily, he’s the ill-mannered miner whom she shielded from her father’s wrath just the day before.

Will Wyatt realize who Tess is under her protective haughty airs, or will he simply leave her in the abyss until it freezes over?

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