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The Highlander's Unexpected Bride


Publication: Harlequin/Mills and Boon (September 2023)



Escape to Medieval Scotland, where a Highlander searches for a bride…

Is the wife the Highlander seeks

…already by his side?

Back from battle, Hamilton of Clan Graham makes a bet with his brother to find a wife by summer’s end. So, the Scottish warrior enlists the help of his childhood friend, Beileag, to help him woo his perfect woman. But like Hamilton, Beileag has changed whilst he’s been away…and she intrigues him like never before! His focus should be on winning a bride. Yet why is Beileag all he can think about?






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Chapter One


April 1297

     ‘Get that from the top shelf,’ her mother said in that clipped precise voice that descended dread into Beileag of Clan Graham every time.

     It didn’t matter if her mother was talking to someone else. All Beileag had to do was hear that particular tone, and all the insecurities of her past, present, and bleak future weighted her body until everything she did the rest of the day seemed like too much.

     Her mother whirled. ‘Why are you still sitting there?’

     Because she knew the moment she stood, her mother’s passive derision worsened. No hope for that though. It wasn’t like she could do anything about the length of her legs, and she was far too old to be wishing otherwise.


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